Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2010’

  • COD Zombies Post Image

    Black Ops Zombies CONFIRMED

    Shortly after the GKNOVA6 website gave a final clue that Zombies might be in Black Ops with Zombie hordes running a muck all over the screens – Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies are confirmed in both a Tweet from JD_2020, an Activision press release and …

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  • GKNOVA6 – Website Update

    After months of the GKNOVA6 website ( sitting kind of stagnant with page of a mysterious TV set with the ability to turn some knobs and make out somewhat clear video of different things the page has finally been updated – to what now looks …

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  • BASH 165: The Red Phone did a great live cast tonight including Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin (AKA JD_2020) that finally gets some questions out in the open. Over the last few weeks a lot of tidbits of information has been released but with that information keeps coming …

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