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Treyarch to Release Server Browser Fix

In another News note posted on the Members Area; Treyarch should be releasing a Server Browser fix within the next 24 hours to resolve the missing servers from the Server Browser that I posted about yesterday.

Nov 11, 2010 – 10:45am EST
Treyarch will be releasing a fix for the server browser in the next 24 hours that should correct the problem with being able to find your server on the server browser. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

With that little information it is hard to say what this means. This “problem” as puts it; was intentionally put into place by Treyarch to limit over burdening the Treyarch backend servers that the client Server Browsers are pounding. So it is still unknown if we will be getting full access to all of the servers (over 10,000 last night) in the Server Browser now or if this will just give us some of the servers; as in a regional manner or something. Whatever the case hopefully I will be able to finally SEE or maybe even PLAY on my own server after tonight. Wishful thinking eh?

  1. jean

    Cmon guy for the last 2 years you have put a game out there that does’t meat the public request ,yes you sold a chit load of copies that because ppl are hoping for a great release well 2 year now that i am more disappointed in your retail game and to say this game i can even play it becasue i get so much fps lag it impossible i saw it going down to 2 fps cmon guy wth are you all doing there . for the record here my pc specs.

    cpu: phenom quad black edition 9850 – 2.8
    ram: 4gb
    os:vista 32 bit
    video card: x2 ati 4870 crossfirex

    I am sorry for this out burst but it really frustrating when you should run this game in the roof but you can barely play it well i give you a couple more days and if i don’t see the improvement well i will uninstall and make sure it my last call of duty i buy MW2 was a disappointment this is even more and ppl were talking about BFBC2 being a fail at launch well you guy have proof me wrong.

    I hope you do not take this has a rage post but work with he current issue because it would be sad to say the day i come to an end with cod.

  2. Dragon

    @jean, I know it is frustrating with the performance issues but just try and wait it out over this week and I am sure you will be happy once an update is released. They are well aware of some of the things and they should be fixed soon.

    On the Server Browser side of things it appears that it was fixed and allowing all servers to be listed but is now somewhat broken again it seems. I am back to getting around 914 results back – and not a single server more. For whatever reason it just stops at 914 even though it is seeing between 2,500 – 4,500. To further complicate things it seems to be different for many people with some seeing all 11,000+ servers and others like myself only seeing a fraction of servers.