This past weekend marked the second Steam Free To Play Weekend for Advanced Warfare along with a sale on the game. If history tells the future there will be another Steam FTP Weekend at the beginning of May and then another towards the end of August. These Steam FTP weekends are usually a good indicator on the level of interest in Call of Duty in general but more for players that just aren’t sold on the game up to this point with what they have seen or heard. Just like the launch numbers that have been trending down for the latest Call of Duty titles so are the Steam FTP Weekend numbers. Where looking back at Black Ops 2 it hit above 70,000 peak players for a Steam FTP Weekend while Ghosts and Advanced Warfare just barely rose above 20,000 peak players (only over 15,000 for this one). That is a huge gap of lack of interest over two years for the best selling game franchise in the world. I know this is the PC platform and isn’t the most popular platform but there is still a serious amount of money involved in creating for and supporting this platform. Someone at Activision has to care about this. Don’t they?!?

Last weekend prior to the Steam FTP Weekend player counts were hitting 7,261 on Friday, 7,414 on Saturday and 7,901 on Sunday but the Steam FTP Weekend brought numbers up to 12,721 on Friday, 15,123 on Saturday and 15,418 on Sunday – more than doubling the current player counts – but a significant drop from the first Steam FTP Weekend interest level. Looking at the peak player counts for the start of the week on Monday and Tuesday there really isn’t any significant change from the previous few weeks so that would lead me to believe that there weren’t very many sales. One other thing to note is that there was also Double XP event running all weekend along side of the Steam FTP Weekend so this could have also brought back a number of existing players to level up and also try to get into some other games modes knowing that there would be significantly more people in the game.

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