COD4 Server Browser Functional Again

Back in January I saw a tweet come through my Twitter feed talking about COD4 server browser issues and looking into it people discovered what looked like corruption of of the servercache.dat file causing the server browser to not show any servers when you refreshed the list. If you didn't [...]

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Two Weeks Down – How Many To Go?

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" link_to="false"] [/image_frame] Yesterday marked two weeks since the launch of Advanced Warfare and after only two weeks the Steam peak player count has been cut down to under half of the already sad launch numbers for the PC platform from over 35,000 peak players to a [...]

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PCDev Leaves Treyarch

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" link_to="false"] [/image_frame] A brief Tweet from PCDev Monday night didn't seem like much but after reading into the replies it started to sound like he might be moving on to another job. A few seconds later after taking a peek at his Twitter profile it was [...]

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Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" link_to="false"] [/image_frame] Yesterday we got the very first look at Call of Duty:Ghosts multiplayer during the global multiplayer reveal. I'll just keep this short in saying there is quite a bit of information in the video so if you didn't get a chance to see the [...]

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Call of Duty Ghosts Announced

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" link_to="false"] [/image_frame] [blockquote align="center"]Call of Duty: Ghosts will set a new Benchmark for the Next Generation[/blockquote] [blockquote align="center"]All-New World, Story, Characters and Experience, All Powered by New, Next Gen Call of Duty Engine from the Developer that started it all, Infinity Ward[/blockquote] After quite a few [...]

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Black Ops 2 Interest Peaks on FTP Weekend

Last weekend marked one week before the first DLC release for the PC. To try and call out some attention to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for any PC players that hadn't yet taken the plunge and purchased the game; Activision/Treyarch kicked off a weekend long deal of a [...]

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COD:MW3 Dedicated Servers – Check!

Early this morning reports were coming online from IGN that some news had been unveiled at gamescom with Activision announcing that there will in fact be dedicated servers in Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3. This was later confirmed in a couple of Tweets as seen below from Sledgehammer Games VP [...]

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COD:Black Ops “Rezurrection” DLC

The Zombies are coming! The Zombies are coming! Well a horde of Zombie maps are coming anyway - to COD:Black Ops very soon. In a Activision press release announcement discussing their quarterly results there is a note at the bottom "Company Outlook" section that announces (or lets slip would be [...]

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COD:Black Ops Sets Launch Day Record

According to the latest Activision press release Activision estimates COD:Black Ops has outsold last years record setter COD:Modern Warfare 2 in the first day of launch to beat itself and once again become the biggest entertainment launch in history. COD:Modern Warfare 2 estimations in 2009: 4.7 million copies coming it [...]

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