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COD:Black Ops Sets Launch Day Record

According to the latest Activision press release Activision estimates COD:Black Ops has outsold last years record setter COD:Modern Warfare 2 in the first day of launch to beat itself and once again become the biggest entertainment launch in history. COD:Modern Warfare 2 estimations in 2009: 4.7 million copies coming it [...]

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COD:MW2 Stimulus Package Out Now

The first released DLC for COD:MW2 is now available in the Steam Store. The map pack includes five multiplayer maps named Bailout, Storm, Salvage, Overgrown and Crash. Have fun playing three new maps and two regurgitated maps from COD4.

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COD:MW2 Player Count Still Dropping

Well I have still been watching the COD:MW2 player counts on the Steam's stats page every now and then but lately as I check the stats it seems that the MW2 peak is dropping little by little. Before Christmas the peak for the day was almost consecutively right around 100,000 [...]

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COD:MW2 Drops Below CS:S in Player Count

I have been watching the player stats pretty closely for all the games in the COD series since a week after the COD:MW2 release and one of the first things I do when I get to work (and periodically throughout the day) is check the COD:MW2 player counts on Steam's [...]

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New NVIDIA Drivers Released

New NVIDIA drivers (195.62 WHQL) were released yesterday and this is a notable release because of two reasons: One, it corrects the "buffer overflow" issue for COD:UO that I posted about back in October that occurred with the then latest release of 191.07 WHQL drivers. (From the release notes) GeForce [...]

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MW2 & Community Chat at BestBuy

As it was posted around the net over the last few days; BestBuy held a live chat session last night with developers of Modern Warfare 2 and allowed the community to join in and ask questions of their own. Now we all know that the PC community is pretty fired [...]

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