COD:Black Ops “Rezurrection” DLC

The Zombies are coming! The Zombies are coming! Well a horde of Zombie maps are coming anyway - to COD:Black Ops very soon. In a Activision press release announcement discussing their quarterly results there is a note at the bottom "Company Outlook" section that announces (or lets slip would be [...]

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COD:WAW Classic Map Pack

Take a step back in time with COD:WAW and the classic map pack by Cornrow Wallace! Cornrow Wallace has released the BETA of his latest mapping project including maps from past Call of Duty titles including Bocage from COD, Brecourt from COD & COD2, Hurtgen from COD and Saint-Lo from [...]

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1.6 Patch Available Now

 Well although there is no "official" post on the callofduty.com Intel page; the Call of Duty website PC Updates page is updated with links aplenty for your downloading pleasure. The patch is a little larger than 1.5 patch coming in at 1.20GB however it isn't incremental so you will still [...]

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