Advanced Warfare Patch 4

Yesterday another patch was released for Advanced Warfare - another pretty big patch coming in around 1.6GB that seems to do a little more bug fixing and balancing of some weapons. Right now on the official Call of Duty Community forums there are reports that the SAC3 sound bug still [...]

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Ghosts Personalization Pack Free to PC

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" link_to="false"] http://www.callofdutyview.net/images/post_image_codbo2_pp_ghosts.png [/image_frame] Much like the "Elite" Personalization Pack was slipped in an update to the PC a few months back and given away for free; so was the COD:Ghosts Personalization Pack yesterday. Previously this was only entitled (at least on other platforms) to individuals who pre-ordered [...]

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COD:Black Ops Patch, DLC and Double XP

A rather big day for COD:Black Ops with Treyarch rolling out the long coming “comprehensive” 1.07 patch updating single player, multiplayer, dedicated servers and the RCON tool; rolling out the two month old First Strike DLC containing four new multiplayer maps and one new Zombies map and finally to go [...]

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Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer Preview

Through some numerous websites and forums I managed to collect a few of the first COD2 Multiplayer screenshots with Infinity Ward and Activision employees testing out the gameplay. A few of the maps you will notice because they are some original COD maps with a new look and feel. Notably [...]

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