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A brief Tweet from PCDev Monday night didn’t seem like much but after reading into the replies it started to sound like he might be moving on to another job. A few seconds later after taking a peek at his Twitter profile it was clear that PCDev was moving on – leaving Treyarch and heading to Activision.


According to his updated Twitter profile his new title is now “Director of Technology – Activision” instead of Directory of Technology at Treyarch where he was responsible for design, production and even some public relations for Call of Duty on the PC side.

So what does this mean for the PC community and the next Treyarch title scheduled for 2015? Well it’s hard to tell. Even though PCDev was the main voice for Treyarch for everything PC related it is simply not true that he is solely responsible for development on the entire PC version of every Call of Duty game. There is still a PC development team at Treyarch and I am sure they are hard at work on whatever is next to come. Hopefully there will there be a new voice for the PC platform like PCDev was and hopefully Treyarch won’t become like Infinity Ward and not have one. In the meantime PCDev’s Assistant (@pcdev_assist) does appear to still be around and likewise (not sure if at this same time or not) his Twitter profile has also changed to “The PC team for @Treyarch.” So maybe he will be our new main point of contact. I would recommend giving him a follow on Twitter given the circumstances until we know more.

I know most of the time we aren’t given the news, information & features to the extent that we are looking for on the PC platform but I would just like to say THANKS to PCDev for his help and support of the PC platform over the last few years. Even if it was the little things it was nice to have someone on the inside fighting in your corner. I always got the feeling that he was willing and able to do more for the platform but couldn’t because of Activis… ahem… other reasons. Props to you PCDev – good luck with what you get into in the future.