Visit for a broad list of sites to get the demo off of or just head on over to and jump in line.

I took a set of screenshots of the demo while I played through just for the eye candy factor. You can check them out below.

[fancy_link link=”” target=”blank”]COD 2 Demo Screenshots[/fancy_link]

Just to highlight a few things, the demo of COD2 has taken away a few features that UO has brought us and introduces a few new features into COD. UO features taken away include the beloved grenade priming and the ability to sprint. The process of throwing grenades has also been changed a bit which I believe makes it much harder to use grenades effectively. A new “grenade warning system” is also added to the game that will display a grenade icon with an arrow on the HUD indicating that there is the danger of a grenade nearby. Another big feature that COD2 includes is a new health system. The new health system is not really based on health points, but more along the lines of “recovering when you are injured”. When you get injured your signs will vary from blurred vision, heavy breathing and heart palpitations. When these signs occur you need to find cover and take it easy for a short period of time to recuperate and then get back into battle. Another small change to note would be in the weaponry. You can no longer carry a pistol, a primary weapon and a secondary weapon along with your grenades and smoke grenades. Instead it is now reduced down to a primary and a secondary weapon with the ability to pick up a pistol replacing either the primary or secondary weapon.

The AI in the Single Player mission included seems more responsive to the actions that you take. For example, if you throw a grenade at an enemy he will not just stand still and be killed. The individual may yell a warning to his allies and take cover or he might pick up the grenade and throw it back at you. Overall they seem more “knowledgeable” about the surroundings and what is going on which should make gameplay a little more unpredictable.

Since this was only a Single Player demo it is hard to say what the Multiplayer will be like. Hopefully we will get to see that in the near future with a Multiplayer demo release.