To configure Reserved Slots you need to log into your [fancy_link link=”” target=”blank”][/fancy_link] Member Area and make the changes there. Once logged into your account there are only three simple steps to get your Reserved Slots set up.

[dropcap2]1[/dropcap2]Look under the Tools section next to your server and click on the CONFIG button.

[dropcap2]2[/dropcap2]The first thing you will see under your server information beside “Choose File:” is a drop down selection list. Drop the selection list and select the Reserved Slots (reservedslot.txt) item and then click the UPDATE button you will be taken to an advanced view.

[dropcap2]3[/dropcap2]In these five text boxes you should enter specific passwords that you would like to be used for the reserved slots on your server. When you are done entering the passwords you would like to use check the box to restart the server and click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Once the server is restarted; the server will know each Reserved Slot being identified by each of the unique passwords specified in the reservedSlot.txt file. If the server is full and a client joins with a Reserved Slot password a random client that is already in game is picked and kicked. If two clients try to use the same Reserved Slot password only the first client to use the password will get in the server successfully.

To join a server with a Reserved Slot you will need to right click on the server in the Server Browser and select Join Reserved and then enter one of the Reserved Slot passwords in the box and join the server.

[info_box]From a post by JD_2020 in COD HQ on December 2nd; it was stated that in a future patch (possibly the next one) Reserved Slots will be increased from 5 slots to 9 slots.[/info_box]