The first thing you will notice about the server name field is that the text area will only allow you to enter 20 characters; most likely due to the fact that is really the amount that will show on the server browser screen (with a little blank space at the end) and anything more will just be cut off. The second thing you will notice about the server name field is that you can’t enter any strange characters in the server name text area so that eliminates the obvious way of changing colors like has been possible in all versions of COD; using the carrot character along with a number 0 through 9 (^1 or ^5 etc. ).

If you open up the console and type [highlight2]/serverinfo[/highlight2] you will noticed one of the variables listed is [highlight2]sv_hostname[/highlight2]. So with another simple command of [highlight2]/sv_hostname TEST[/highlight2] and then another [highlight2]/serverinfo[/highlight2] you can see this allows you to name your server a little differently. Being that this is done using the console you have full access to characters. If you try the classic color code commands such as [highlight2]/sv_hostname ^1TESTING[/highlight2] you will see it works.


So to summarize:


  • Start COD:WAW SP/CO-OP, start your server and then go into GAME SETUP.
  • Now bring down the full console using SHIFT + ` (key above tab)
  • Enter the command [highlight2]/serverinfo[/highlight2] to see your current server settings
  • Enter the command [highlight2]/clear[/highlight2] to clear the console window
  • Enter the command [highlight2]/sv_hostname ^1My ^2Server ^3Name[/highlight2] to give it a name
  • Enter the command [highlight2]/serverinfo[/highlight2] to check and verify the name is how you want it
  • Press the ` key again to close out of the console
  • Launch your CO-OP server with a snazzy new colored name that should catch some attention




Colors codes for COD:WAW are as follows:

^0 Black
^1 Red
^2 Green
^3 Yellow
^4 Blue
^5 Cyan
^6 Orange
^7 White
^8 Light Gray
^9 Dark Gray



Something to note when entering your text for the server name in the console is that you can actually type more than 20 characters now; however they will still be cut off on the screen in GAME SETUP as well as on the actual server browser list that everyone will see. I found 22 characters to fit best using a resolution of 1680×1050 but people using lower resolutions will most likely have more characters cut off.