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Overview: The official demo of Call of Duty 2
Release Date: September 26th, 2005
File Size: 655MB


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This is the official single player demo of Call of Duty 2.

[blockquote align=”center”]From the start, the immersive cinematic presentation that made the original so popular is evident. Your convoy of jeeps rides into El Daba, Egypt, where you must take out four German artillery units, signal the headquarters location to your fleet, grab secret dispatches, and reconnect with your troop at the docks, fighting all the way. The new health system doesn’t offer a hard count, but rather limits your short-term damage, much like Halo’s shield system. You’ll only know you’re hurt when your breathing becomes erratic and you start to palpitate. Yikes! Resting in a safe spot will heal your character. The other obvious new feature is the ability to climb over small barriers, but the height and type of material you can vault seem arbitrary. The sound and graphics are again excellent. Planes flying overhead will shake the battlefield, and smoke grenades create an awesome fog of war. The best part about the first Call of Duty was the open-ended feel of the levels, and that’s no different in COD2.[/blockquote]

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