COD:UO Single Player Demo

Demo Details

Overview: The official demo of Call of Duty:United Offensive
Release Date: October 27th, 2003
File Size: 160MB

Demo Release Notes

This is the official single player demo of Call of Duty:United Offensive.

The stand-alone demo for the United Offensive expansion lets players fight through the Bois Jacques mission during the Battle of the Bulge. Once again, the outstanding graphics instantly immerse you in the action, and the fast-paced mission gets your blood flowing. While the gameplay might seem like nothing new, the sheer size of the battles has increased tremendously, as you’ll see when you try to repel a massive German assault on American lines. The demo starts with the introduction for the full game, then sends you on a brief scouting mission, a deadly jeep ride through the forest, and finally into the foxholes to battle for your life.