Continuing Decline of COD on the PC

COD:Ghosts released last Tuesday and a week has passed so we get to look at another set of release numbers for launch week. I’m a numbers guy and I have been tracking peak players stats for the PC ever since the series started going downhill (feature wise) with Modern Warfare 2. The continuing decline on the PC platform over the last few years is a little depressing for someone that loves the series as much as I do but with the release of COD:Ghosts I have to admit I am a little shocked by how staggering the numbers are. There was a lot of talk (or at least more than normal) prior to release by Infinity Ward that actually made it sound like from the development side there was just a little bit of extra effort being put into the PC version this time around but from what it seems like that was just smoke and mirrors and in reality COD:Ghosts is just another stripped down Infinity Ward version of Call of Duty for the PC. Once again the potential is there but with so many standard pieces left out it looks like a risk so many just aren’t interested in taking this time around.

Actual sales numbers will paint a better picture once some more time has passed and I will be looking at them but for now we will just look at Steam “peak player count” stats for the first “launch week” in comparison to past years. I think most understand the Steam player stats but just to clarify; this isn’t the total number of players playing the game on a given day but it is merely just the “peak” number of players playing at a specific time of a day (usually around 3:00 EST). Not complete data by any means but it is a very good representation of the games direction – and a general idea of how well the game was received or sales went.

DAY 1 64,367 76,748 58,234 11,093 35,583
DAY 2 101,368 92,903 76,307 51,240 36,901
DAY 3 105,248 97,445 78,161 53,095 35,353
DAY 4 108,618 104,233 78,648 54,705 36,016
DAY 5 99,846 107,367 79,162 56,340 35,723
DAY 6 98,632 118,593 86,832 60,191 37,268
DAY 7 97,947 105,907 78,945 64,015 31,452
DAY 8 97,585 98,578 74,930 54,644 28,878

I am showing 8 days for the simple fact that on launch day the numbers are generally all over the place due to launch times & when people are getting into the game for the first time. Also keep in mind that some prefer to play Single Player before starting Multiplayer. However; you will notice that COD:Ghosts is already dipping into the 20K numbers with today’s peak and that is definitely not good for longevity down the road even short term.

With Black Ops 2 (and some previous COD titles) I suffer a lot from the “just one more game” syndrome but with COD:Ghosts I just don’t get that – at all. The game just feels so mundane that after a few games I can easily say that I have had my fix and just walk away from the game – pretty much the same exact feeling that I got with Modern Warfare 3. The experience in the game just feels kind of flat with the weapons & weapon customization, Killstreaks and available game modes – with total lack of classic game modes probably being my biggest issue. I’m just not very interested in playing any of the available game modes and therefore my level of excitement drops rather quickly. As some others are saying; maybe it will get better with some updates, fixes and support but I have my doubts. If there are others feeling the same way I am about it right now and nothing drastic does happen I think this will be the most rapid declining PC release yet. Only time will tell.

  1. BHCMax

    you’ve hit the nail on the head, pc cod has been dying since after cod4, (tho waw was a great game on its own setting of ww2), modern warfare games especially on pc, are all but dead. We still have a pretty dang awesome cod4 mod server, but even that has had its glory days well past. shame really..

  2. Dragon

    I’m interested in seeing console numbers for Ghosts. I’m wondering if they are also performing under Black Ops 2 stats or not. Might be kind of hard to tell with next-gen platform crap though.

    Just sad that Ghosts is already in the 20 thousands with peak player count. Black Ops 2 didn’t hit that mark until March. If P2P stays and we don’t see anything of the servers then games will be even more of a lag-fest.

  3. Todd Jackison
    Todd Jackison11-13-2013

    Gzz didn’t even look at the numbers COD4 was 80k peak that was only on steam ,which wasn’t a common platform globally at the time of MW2’s release , COD4 tracked better over that 12 months as well!

    Battlefield 4 gives me all the features COD has taken away may not be as smooth or fast but really it’s a game that’s still shapped by the community not just the designer/Studio.

    Anyone who thinks back to mw2 and the promises made about listening to the community and potentially giving us dedi’s and browser back then ,new not to trust Infinity Ward and looking at what Treyarch have done with cloud dedi’s and no browser locked config and all the rest ,they have destroyed cod as a pc title and watch the next Treyarch game plummit in sales on pc.

    • Dragon

      I wish I had COD4 numbers but unfortunately I wasn’t tracking it at the time and without it being a Steam exclusive it’s a little harder to.

      I think the Battlefield plan works for some but not for others. I tried it with BC2 and BF3 and although it was fun at times it just isn’t a replacement for COD gameplay for myself.

      • Todd Jackison
        Todd Jackison11-13-2013

        Same here mate COD was great fun,5000 hours played and 3 or 4 top CGO comp teams(Aussie).

        But if you keep buying there crappy ports and don’t support developers ,that try and deliver what we want you will continue to fuel the reheat and serve offer provided by Activision

        xfire would be an excellent source of that information back when i started playing COD4 it was all i used.

        Anyway great post ,excellent read have retweeted ,all the best.

        nb.TITAN FALL!

      • Todd Jackison
        Todd Jackison11-13-2013

        Just checked xfire #2 in there top 10 29,923 peak …whats that 5 years on and 20% less than Ghosts LMAO!