CODV COD:Black Ops Server

As of June 23rd the server is officially offline. With the amount of activity on the server – and my activity in the game I didn’t feel it necessary to renew it again. Thanks to everyone who put this server & the previous Unranked server to use.
When it is clear what we are getting with COD:Black Ops II servers I will look at starting up another one for that game.


The server is running stock maps along with a few First Strike, Annihilation and Escalation DLC maps. The server is hosted in Chicago and the IP address is Full server information can be found below.

Server Rotation Includes

  • CTF – Kowloon (First Strike)
  • DEM – Firing Range (Stock)
  • TDM – Hangar 18 (Annihilation)
  • CTF – Grid (Stock)
  • SAB – Statium (First Strike)
  • DOM – Launch (Stock)
  • S&D – Jungle (Stock)
  • HQ – WMD (Stock)
  • DOM – Nuketown (Stock)
  • DEM – Radiation (Stock)
  • CTF – Zoo (EScalation)
  • TDM – Crisis (Stock)
  • DEM – Drive In (Annihilation)
  • S&D – Havana (Stock)
  • SAB – Stockpile (Escalation)
  • HQ – Summit (Stock)
  • DOM – Villa (Stock)
  • CTF – Hanoi (Stock)
  • TDM – Cracked (Stock)
  • SAB – Array (Stock)

Server Rules

  • Respect all players in the game.
  • Keep the language clean in chat and in voice.
  • No offensive or disrespectful player names or clan tags.
  • No offensive or disrespectful player cards.
  • There will be no tolerance for cheating or glitching.
  • All weapons, attachments, equipment and perks are allowed.
  • Finally; have fun! This is a game after all.

Black Tomato Mod

This server is running the Black Tomato Mod (BTM) so as a player you have the following commands available to you.

  • !me
  • !cmd
  • !killed
  • !rank
  • !topstats
  • !stats
  • !nextmap
  • !rules