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  • GKNOVA6 – Website Update

    After months of the GKNOVA6 website ( sitting kind of stagnant with page of a mysterious TV set with the ability to turn some knobs and make out somewhat clear video of different things the page has finally been updated – to what now looks …

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  • COD WAW Zombies Post Image

    To 28 on Der Reise

    Well I know others have made it further than this but 28 is the record for me so far. Of course with no cheats… because cheats are lame. It’s amazing how games can vary in one night. I launched my server this evening and right …

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  • COD WAW Post Image

    Colored Co-Op Server Names

    Over the last few nights when searching for a Zombie game to get into when I didn’t feel like hosting I noticed a few servers here and there starting to have colored names. I knew this was possible with multiplayer servers by way of the …

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