New NVIDIA drivers (195.62 WHQL) were released yesterday and this is a notable release because of two reasons:

One, it corrects the “buffer overflow” issue for COD:UO that I posted about back in October that occurred with the then latest release of 191.07 WHQL drivers. (From the release notes)

GeForce GTX 260: Call of Duty 1–the application crashes with a buffer overrun
error. [606182]

And two, SLI and multi-GPU support is added for COD:MW2. (From the release highlights)

Adds SLI and multi-GPU support for many top new gaming titles including Borderlands, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, FIFA Soccer 10, and more.

If you are upgrading your drivers as always I recommend using Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features or Programs for Windows Vista and Windows 7) to do the actual uninstall of the current drivers, a reboot of the system, then a cleaning using Driver Sweeper, then another reboot of the system and then finally the installation of the current drivers. This ensures you get a clean installation of the new drivers and there aren’t any parts left behind to muck things up.