Visit for a broad list of sites to get the demo off of or just head on over to and jump in line. You can also download it straight from CODV HERE. The demo is pretty large at 1.4GB.

Once again I took a set of screenshots for those out there that wish to see them or for whatever other reason there is to look at awesome screenshots of an excellent soon to be released game.

[fancy_link link=”” target=”blank”]COD4:Modern Warfare Demo Screenshots[/fancy_link]

I had some rather large doubts when I first heard that COD4 was not going to be WWII based but even though COD4:MW takes a different path off of the World War II path into modern warfare I think this game looks very good and plays very well; and this is coming from a pretty die hard WWII FPS gamer.

The game is packed full of action happening everywhere around leaving you to always be checking around the environment near you. Sometimes it is actually hard to stop and look around to enjoy the beauty of all the surroundings because of getting pushed into the next round of a firefight.

The amount of detail that is in the game is just wonderful with so many little things around to catch your eye. Very nice vegetation, lighting and nice breakable objects like windows and bottles and cars that can be shot until they catch on fire and eventually explode to numerous objects laying around that can be moved by being shot or pushed fro the explosions.

The AI seemed rather unpredictable which is quite different from COD2 where they were very predictable. You encounter battle from all different angles and get attacked by quite a few different enemies and weapons.

Weapons are all quite interesting and it is hard to compare them because of COD always being in the mix with WWII based weapons. Even for the demo you get to experience quite a few different weapons and they all seem pretty decent. One thing that I still heavily dislike is the way grenades are used. COD4:MW has the same method that COD2 did and it just isn’t smooth throwing grenades. COD & COD:UO method of actually selecting the grenade weapon and then using it makes control so much better. In COD4:MW & COD2 hitting a key and then holding the key to prime the grenade is ridiculously awkward when trying to move and actually target where you want to throw it.

All in all I really enjoyed the demo and I am rather excited about playing the full game when it is released. The big question is, what will multiplayer be like with this entirely new type of Call of Duty game? I am still having quite a few doubts about it because of how drawn into COD:UO I still am and all because of the liquid smooth gameplay. I don’t know if COD4:MW will have the liquid smooth gameplay.