Here we go! The moment that all COD gamers have anxiously been looking forward to seeing. This is the Call of Duty:Black Ops Multiplayer Teaser video.

Unfortunately for myself my heart kind of sank within the first few seconds of watching. On first watch this video just screams Modern Warfare 2 to me and with all the “bling” flying all over the screen constantly and just the whole feel of it. Granted it is a different time frame but even the surrounding environment doesn’t even seem like the Treyarch style. I am already really not liking it. I may be over reacting here but I really don’t like the way this looks and this is totally not what I expected from Treyarch. This does not look like the previous title COD:WAW from Treyarch but the previous title COD:MW2 from Infinity Ward! Why?

Like I said; maybe I am over reacting but from everything that was being said I just thought that it would be different this time. I guess this is just the evolution of the COD series and my dreams of playing an updated version of Call of Duty:United Offensive is down the drain and lost forever. I love the COD series and have been since the second week of the original COD released but the punishment that COD:MW2 put on it has lead me to try other games and I am afraid that if Black Ops isn’t pleasing to me then this will be it for me and COD. I was burned by MOH with the last two titles; Pacific Assault and Airborne and vowed to never buy another MOH title. If Black Ops isn’t enticing then I probably won’t buy another COD title and I will probably move on to the next best thing for myself which right now is Battlefield:Bad Company 2 – which I enjoy don’t get me wrong – but it isn’t COD and I miss that. I miss the old COD.

Anyway, enough about myself and my feelings of COD – enjoy the MP teaser vid and lets hope for the best for the future of COD.