New Personalization Packs on Steam

6 new Personalization Packs – Aqua, Breach, Coyote, Glam, Pack-A-Punch and Rogue will be available on Steam sometime today. The Personalization Packs originally released back on July 23rd for the XBOX but they will now be available to satisfy your needs for more customization on the PC.

Personally I’m not a big fan of the Personalization Packs because it just doesn’t interest me – first because of the cost (even at $1.99) but second because I see it kind of as a cheap way out for premium cammo requiring no work to get them except pressing the “buy” button. I would like to see more people put the work and effort into actually “achieving” the Gold/Diamond cammo already in the game because believe it or not; there is actually is a rewarding feeling of accomplishment after completing some of the tasks required and actually unlocking those cammos to be used for the first time. Then again; maybe that’s just me.