• Post Image Codg Gameplay Preview

    Call of Duty Ghosts Gameplay Preview

    E3 2013 kicked off a few days ago and prior to that Infinity Ward decided to host what they called “Call of Duty:Ghosts – All Access” which was a live stream unveiling gameplay (just single player – multiplayer won’t be till later in the fall), …

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  • Post Image Codg Worldwide Reveal

    Call of Duty Ghosts Worldwide Reveal

    Today during the live stream of the “worldwide Xbox reveal” where the new Xbox named “Xbox One” was unveiled there was something else revealed as well – Call of Duty:Ghosts! Check out the Call of Duty:Ghosts Reveal Trailer below if you missed the stream.

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  • Post Image Cod Ghosts Teaser

    Call of Duty Ghosts Announced

    After quite a few visits from the hype train over the last few weeks with tidbits of information being unveiled from different sources here and there; Activision today has officially announced the next Call of Duty to be Call of Duty Ghosts – and it …

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  • Post Image Codbo2 Dlc Uprising

    Uprising DLC Coming to PC May 16th

    The PC platform will be getting it’s hands on the second DLC drop for COD:Black Ops 2 titled “Uprising” on Thursday May 16th. A couple of the maps like Magma and Encore look a little bit larger here which will bring in a little slower …

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  • Post Image Black Ops 2 Ftp Weekend

    Black Ops 2 Interest Peaks on FTP Weekend

    Last weekend marked one week before the first DLC release for the PC. To try and call out some attention to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for any PC players that hadn’t yet taken the plunge and purchased the game; Activision/Treyarch kicked off a …

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  • Post Image Black Ops 2 Dlc Revolution

    Revolution DLC Coming To PC Feb 28th

    Although the date was pretty much already known by past releases – through a post on the blog of the official Call of Duty Community it was announced that the Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC will be hitting the PC platform on February 28th. If …

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  • Post Image Codbo2

    Black Ops 2 PCDev Twitter Roundup

    On a rare occasion this weekend I actually had some spare time with no work and a little break from gaming so I did a little carousing around the news bin for COD:Black Ops II and while browsing PCDev’s Twitter feed I thought I would …

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  • COD BO Post Image

    CODV COD:Black Ops Server Going Down

    Next Saturday June 23rd the CODV COD:Black Ops server will be going down. At this point I am officially done paying for COD:Black Ops servers. This server really hasn’t been getting used much in the last few months and well – I haven’t even been …

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  • Post Image Codbo2

    COD:Black Ops II World Reveal Trailer

    Activision/Treyarch released the first official “world reveal” trailer for COD:Black Ops II giving us the official name, logo and release date of November 13, 2012. Unfortunately a rarity for me in the COD series – I haven’t played the Single Player campaign for COD:Black Ops …

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  • Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 Post Image

    COD:MW3 Dedicated Servers = UNRANKED

    According to an FAQ on the Call of Duty Community forums by FourZeroTwo himself it is now confirmed that COD:MW3 will continue with the poor and pathetic P2P matchmaking system that COD:MW2 employed for all RANKED games and the previously mentioned dedicated servers that were …

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