As we get a little closer to February each day people were starting to wonder when we would get more of an idea of what is in the upcoming first DLC package for COD:Black Ops titled “First Strike”. Well that day is today and from a Tweet by JD_2020 earlier this afternoon he gave us link to the multiplayer preview video highligting a few sneak peeks of the maps included – well four of the five maps anyway. The video highlights features that are said to be based on community feedback and are items in which Treyarch really wanted to make sure were included – slightly larger maps allowing less of a run-n-gun atmosphere and opening up more sniping possibilities, better verticality in the maps for multi-level combat and finally more interactivity in the maps such as the zip line, a collapsing earthen bridge and some sort of automated turrets. After seeing the preview I have to say myself that although I (and many many others in the community) don’t agree on the $15 price tag for the DLC – it seems that at least the maps will be pretty good quality with a decent set of features – the exact opposite of the COD:MW2 map packs that were mostly just regurgitated maps from COD4:MW.

The First Strike DLC package will release exclusively for the XBOX 360 on February 1st and if history tells the future then the PC and other platforms will have it March 1st. Now I wonder how true that rumor still is that the PC community will be getting mod tools before the XBOX 360 gets DLC…

[youtube height=”340″ width=”560″][/youtube]

It seems that Treyarch is keeping the lid on the fifth map “Ascension” that is also in the First Strike DLC map pack – most likely to leave the option open to release another separate teaser video for specific advertising of the Zombie map much like was done for the COD:World At War releases. If you recall those teaser videos they were very well put together with good fitting music highlighting the new additions on the Zombie side of things and they were quite entertaining – at least to a big COD:WAW Zombie fan like I was. I didn’t utilize the options to track my Zombie playing time in COD:World At War but if I had to guess I would say that I played quite a few more hours of Zombies then I did multiplayer. However, with COD:Black Ops I don’t know what it is but I have only played a handful of matches since release and don’t really find it enjoyable. Quite frankly I don’t really care too much about the new Zombies map – or COD:Black Ops Zombies all together. Very different from my feelings in the COD:WAW days although I can’t really explain why. In any case I would expect to see another teaser video released in the next few days specifically for the COD:Black Ops Zombie map Ascension.

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