Today we have a second sneak peak into the upcoming COD:Black Ops First Strike DLC package from CODHQ. Stadium is stated to be mid-sized map in the DLC package and for me although it looks like a very nicely detailed map with a blend of small open areas and lots of tight corners; it looks to me like one that I won’t enjoy quite as much due to the fact that it may be overloaded with close quarters combat and too much small spraying Steady Aim SMGs and shotguns, knifing around every corner and lethal & tactical grenade spam galore. It is hard to see the whole map size from a few screenshots but hopefully this one will work out well and play decent for objectives and not just cater to the FFA and TDM game modes.

[fancy_header]First Strike Sneak Peak: Stadium[/fancy_header]

Combat erupts outside a vacant hockey stadium on the outskirts of the city. Tensions between the Cold War powers remain high, and the victor will revel in their enemy’s demoralization. A mid-sized map designed for close-quarters mayhem, teams must fight tooth and nail in a maze of tight corners and deadly vantage points.

Entrance from the western turnstiles allows the most breathing room, with a nearby souvenir shop providing cover overlooking the entryway. Planters adorning the walkway give cover to enemies, while entry to the rink encourages heavy through movement from soldiers rushing in and out of the stadium’s entrance.

Offices in the north test your level of alertness on the bottom floor and reward those who make it to the second with a view of the courtyard and beyond. In addition to the stadium’s second story windows, it’s in everyone’s best interest down below to keep these vantage points clear – especially when battling in the central courtyard.

Don’t let the beautiful eastern lakeside view distract you. This side of the map forces cramped movement and a three-entry weight room. Cover the doorways and attack soldiers weaving in and out of the maze. Expect SMG and Shotgun loadouts, and consider Flak Jacket to stand up against flying grenades and Claymores. Success lies in controlling the battlefield and keeping a level head. Stay cool and let your reflexes kick in. If you come out last, take some time to study the latest edition of Popular Weapons ’73 – you can find copies all around the map. Just look for the Sentry Gun on the cover.

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