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Activision/Treyarch released the first official “world reveal” trailer for COD:Black Ops II giving us the official name, logo and release date of November 13, 2012. Unfortunately a rarity for me in the COD series – I haven’t played the Single Player campaign for COD:Black Ops yet so I am a little lost already with the whole storyline thing but from the trailer it looks like this will be a mix of past, present and future war – with a lot of technology based warfare. This is definitely different than what I was expecting to see from the next Black Ops but when you are this many games in the series I think you kind of start to run out of ideas and things start to blend in one way or another. A few things which have been speculated around the community were revealed by the trailer but I will leave that up to you to seek out. Some sites are raving with that kind of stuff analyzing the crap out of the trailer. I don’t have the time nor do I want to take the time to break down all of those little things. I just want to see Multiplayer details and well – this trailer doesn’t have any of that so not much to talk about in my opinion.

Storyline aside the trailer shows a lot of different vehicle activity from flying helicopters/jets to driving armored vehicles to operating what look like large robots. That definitely makes me wonder if we will be seeing vehicles in Multiplayer once again. I’m kind of back and forth on that. On one hand I would love to see vehicles back in Multiplayer to bring back some old style COD gameplay – and which would also mean map size would have to greatly increase – but on the other hand COD:UO is a different game and I don’t think its quite the same when we are talking futuristic vehicles. I don’t think it will bring the same feel to COD and I think for these newer games I actually prefer just gun on gun infantry gameplay – without all of the Killstreak garbage.

The official Activision press release announcing COD:Black Ops 2 is also up for your reading pleasure: [fancy_link link=”http://investor.activision.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=669851″ target=”blank”]http://investor.activision.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=669851[/fancy_link]