After reading more and more of what is actually missing from Modern Warfare 2 and just how”consolized” it sounds like it will be I just can’t believe that IW expects everyone to just run out and buy this game like nothing has changed. Everything has changed!

Numerous times in the BestBuy chat IW states things like “Just do me a favor and play the game first, we put a LOT of work into balance. We are big gamers here at IW and want a great experience just as much as you.” and “Multiplayer is incredible, you should not be worried!” but the problem is we ARE all worried. If IW has so much confidence in IWnet and thinks that this game will be great the way they have developed it then they should put their money where their mouth is and put out a demo of the game. If they have nothing to worry about then it shouldn’t be a problem (well other than the little test setup of the whole IWnet system) and it would satisfy many PC gamers need to know if this is right for them. Ohh but wait; if the game is a total failure and they know there are issues that PC gamers aren’t going to like then I guess they wouldn’t put out a demo. Instead they would just like us to give them $60 to “try” out their new gaming system that sounds like it has some serious issues as a PC game.

I guess the second part of this post is directed to you fellow COD gamers. If you claim to be involved with the MW2 boycott then don’t buy the game when it comes out. Once you hand over your $60 the battle is won. Activision/IW has your money and they don’t care what you do with the game after that point. If you are on the fence at least wait until it releases to get some real reviews and serious player comments from people that actually have played it. It’s understandable to want the game; it is a COD title, but at least wait to do some reading because you could still be swayed.