Well I have still been watching the COD:MW2 player counts on the Steam’s stats page every now and then but lately as I check the stats it seems that the MW2 peak is dropping little by little. Before Christmas the peak for the day was almost consecutively right around 100,000 and with gifts of MW2 for Christmas that number surged to 120,000 and even up as high as 124,682 in mid January however it seems that the numbers are on a steady decline now. Well the Battlefield BC2 BETA is out now and there seems to be a pretty big interest in that; including myself, but I think there are definitely some other games affecting that total as well. Whatever the reason over the last three weeks the peak player count has steadily declined down to where it is now averaging a peak just over 110,000 this week so far so there is a decent number of people that are sick of playing MW2 already or they are defiantly shopping around for something else to get into.

MW2 Player Count Still Dropping