Around 8:00PM EST tonight JD_2020 (the Community Manger for Treyarch) made a quick “Tweet” that confirmed the 1.6 patch for PC would be available Friday September 18th!

After a handful of posts and tid-bits from both JD_2020 and PCDev over the last few weeks on the official COD:WAW forums regarding the progress of the patch and issues encountered; it was finally announced that the PC community would get the patch at some point this week and hopefully that day is finally here.

A “sticky” thread on the official COD:WAW forums was also updated by JD_2020 shortly after stating the following:

Patch 1.6 (w/ Map Pack 3) hits this Friday, the 18th! With it will be the Linux Dedicated 1.6 bins, Mod Tools 1.4 package, and Steam should be ready to go Friday as well =). I can’t wait!