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Game with Treyarch – Round 2

Did you miss playing with the Treyarch Developers the last time back at the end of September? Well although it doesn’t seem like a big deal it is pretty cool to ever get a chance to play with people that made the games we love. By the means of another forum post in the WAW Barracks by JD_2020; he announced that the Treyarch developers will once again be putting up a server to play with the public on next week.

You can catch the action between the hours of 5:00PM to 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time and if it is the same server they played on last time (they didn’t announce that yet) you can check the status of it below.

  1. Dragon

    Looks like Treyarch actually took the server down now after this last round of “play with the devs”. Before they left it up, locked it and just changed the name. This could mean that this was the last “play with the devs”.