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Dear SHG (and Activision),

This is a plea for the PC platform. Yes we are a platform. Our own platform. A unique platform. A different platform with a different kind of community in many ways. We really do enjoy playing Call of Duty on the PC (honestly!) but you might not be able to see that very clearly with how low player counts are in the games and by how low overall sales where across the board for COD:Ghosts. I am not trying to take shots at COD:Ghosts (well maybe I am) but the worst ever player counts in a title this new and overall lack of interest in the series over the last few titles really truly is upsetting to me as a long time COD player from the start of the series and I am sure to you in some way as a partner developer in the series. Seeing how the last release has played out over a short time for the PC platform this surely has to reveal something to you being a developer! It’s not that COD:Ghosts is a terrible game – it is different in a number of ways and for some that is not what is enjoyable – but the real reason there is no interest is because the game didn’t release with and still doesn’t have the proper PC level of support that the majority of the community is interested in. We understand that we can not hold a candle to the numbers that console sales will generate and that makes it hard on the financial side to support these additional features but there really truly is still a strong community here on the PC platform that is ready and willing to support your game IF you support the features that we as a PC platform are interested in. We need a game that is actually designed and optimized for our platform to take advantage of the hardware that many of us have invested so much in. We need a game that has features – some very basic and some more elaborate – that were enjoyed by so many in years past but have been slowly stripped out of the games year after year after year. We need the ability to once again setup, configure and manage our own Ranked & Unranked servers to create our own thriving gaming and clan communities that aren’t limited to an “app” fighting for fictitious locations on a map. We want to host our own “clan wars” and revive competitive Call of Duty from where it first started with LAN parties/battles and competitions. We need tools! I know this one is a stretch but we need tools to promote community development and build new interest in the game to extend the life & features of the game. Yes, there are additional resources & support required of you to get these tools released and operating correctly but in the long run this has the potential to build a ton of interest in the game and revive this struggling community to where it once was and even better. You know this is true and you know this can be done. Please don’t talk about doing it (like Mark Rubin – where is he by the way?) – just do it. Also, continue to create your DLC as you will for the consoles and make it available to the PC platform. You will still get sales from the DLC content and it will help extend the life of the game but the community content could make the game thrive – really thrive. Just look at talented, dedicated individuals STILL creating content for COD4 and COD:WAW. I know times have changed, technology platforms have changed and financial viewpoints on the game has changed but for the most part we – the PC platform – have not changed. We are here. We are watching what you are showing and saying. We are waiting to support you if you support us.


The PC Platform

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