As day two of the COD:Black Ops release pushes on myself and many others who have purchased servers from have yet to be able to find or play on our own server. Yesterday at two different times of the day my server was sitting full for a number of hours each time which was great to see on release day – but there was no way for me to partake in playing on it – and on top of that I had no idea what game playlist the server was even running. This was because at some point in the day my server got restarted and the server name and game playlist were reset to the original settings in which that case the RCON tool listed the playlist as “Unknown Playlist”.

At a further attempt last night I tried searching and re-searching with different filter options and such in the Server Browser but to no avail my server; or any three of my clan’s servers were not visible. I noticed that the Server Browser was stating over 7,000 servers online but my Server Browser was only returning a whopping 549 servers to me – and most were TDM from other countries outside of the US. On top of the Server Browser not appearing to work correctly there was also no possiblity to add my server to my Favorites because there is no way to do it outside of a server and finally as all other previous COD title’s console command; [highlight2]\connect IP[/highlight2] is not a supported console command in COD:Black Ops so that option was out the window as well. After some searching online it turns out that the amount of traffic from the Server Browser is overloading Treyarch’s backend and a “temporary fix” had to be put in place that limits the number of servers displayed in ones Server Browser. The quotes from the website below.


– Can’t find my server in the browser
Due to huge volume of traffic that is occurring on the back-end systems, a temporary fix was put into place to randomly limit the amount of servers that are listed on the browser. This is a temporary fix and we will provide an update once it has been fixed.


Browser issues: The latest update is that there is progress on the in-game browser in displaying all of the servers. ETA is still unknown but this work is at the highest severity levels to have completed.

Now this isn’t the first time this has happened and it actually just happened a few months back with the Battlefield:Bad Company 2 release where the Plasma backend was so overloaded they had to implement a very similar fix that only showed you around 100 servers – however DICE’s implementation seemed to make a little more sense because it was regional and showed you servers that were actually close to you – not on the other side of the world like COD:Black Ops is doing to me.

Throughout today I have tried numerous different attempts that I have found around the net to try and get my server to show up on the Server Browser list and so far I still have not been able to see or play on my server. So we sit and wait…