Like many others I am sure that even with the limited amount of information that was made available for us die hard PC COD fans the anticipation to get into Black Ops has increased greatly over the last few days. COD:BO was temporarily put in the back of my mind over the weekend with the little bit of spare time I had trying to pound my way through Battlefield Bad Company 2 to try and make my 50 ranking so I can pretty much write that game off with hopes that COD:BO will blow me away. All of the sudden it was Monday morning – the day before release.


  • 6:15AM – Wake up tired from playing BF:BC2 too late the night before but a burst of excitement hits realizing its only one day away.
  • 7:00AM – Take care of the morning this and that and off to work.
  • 7:45AM – Walk in the door and fire up the heat, the coffee and the laptop and head straight to the communities to get the latest info.
  • 9:00AM – Continue to read and continue to build more excitement.
  • 9:15AM – Finally put debates in my own head to rest and head over to and purchase my dedicated server – excitement builds more.
  • 9:45AM – Finally finish reading and realize how late it was and decide to get to work.
  • 11:15AM – Realize that taking Tuesday the 9th off is not going to work and lose some excitement.
  • 11:45AM – Call up the local GameStop and find out they are taking part in the midnight release and a brief “Wahoo!” adds some excitement back.
  • 1:30PM – Take a quick look at the communities again over lunch to see what I had missed in my “attempt” at work for the few hours in the morning.
  • 2:00PM – Try to get focused back onto work so I can get out of the office right at 5:00PM.
  • 5:05PM – Kill the heat, hit the lights and lock the door on my way out whistling.
  • 5:10PM – Walk in the door, kiss my wife and get a funny stare because me coming home from work with a smile on my face is a rarity.
  • 6:15PM – Leave the apartment to go pay GameStop for my pre-order and get a midnight release stamp with a smile ear to ear.
  • 7:00PM – Get back to the apartment and check the communities yet again to see what I missed in the last few hours.
  • 7:45PM – Start some upgrades and updates on the website to prepare for the next few weeks.
  • 11:45PM – Leave the apartment to visit GameStop and get my pre-order at the midnight release again with a smile ear to ear.
  • 12:05AM – Stand in line with 63 people in front of me to get my copy – LOTS of console fans walking by with their copies…
  • 12:20AM – Arrive back at the apartment, read the front and back of the DVD case, cut the plastic, enjoy a few seconds of that nice physical copy smell and pop out the disc.
  • 12:27AM – Close out of everything, kill the antivirus and start the install.
  • 1:06AM – COD:BO installed, updated, system rebooted, hard drive defragged and finally the time is here.
  • 1:10AM – Launching COD:BO MP and off I go…


What happens next? Well I will most likely play entirely too long and be entirely too tired to come back and post anything tonight so we will save that for tomorrow…