Yea, this confirms a “not playing” for me. I forced myself to keep playing open BETA (the second BETA open to everyone) last night just thinking that it was new and I had to get used to it – but I can’t. This is my opinion but I think it is ridiculously horrible. A little better than the first BETA but still horrible.

The environment is pretty and well detailed but there are so many trip hazards that just seem to hang me up and why is it so difficult to jump onto objects that are allowed to be jumped on – and then once on top of objects die from a falling death of only jumping down 6 feet. The player avatar movement is still garbage and the 2 ton grenades and 2 ton sandbags around my ankles are just pathetic. Still no lean and no prone.

The main reason it is impossible for me to enjoy this game is because the game is too Hardcore; it is 1 kill and then multiple deaths. It’s like the whole game is Hardcore and there is no option for Softcore – or a normal style of game play. There was a tremendous amount of camping in the games I played last night and for the type of player that I am always rushing objectives hard I that got me KDRs of 34/22, 26/19, 25/36 and so on. It’s not enjoyable to play the game when you are forced to camp and hide and move inch by inch. Sure I like realism but I also want to freedom to be able to play the game as I would any other game and have the option of different playing styles and not being penalized.

If this is the competition for COD:Black Ops I feel it is going to lose easily. I know people are getting tired of the same old maps in Battlefield BC2 so some players might venture away from BC2 to the new MOH but I wonder how long people will play it. Now depending on what happens with BC2:Vietnam that could be a bit a different story. If bugs from BC2 get fixed for BC2:Vietnam then it might hold some of the COD players that left from COD:MW2 but as for this COD player – I will stick it out in BC2 until COD:Black Ops releases. I do enjoy BC2 but my dedication belongs to COD. I have always enjoyed the MOH series for great single player game play but feeling shafted by MOH:Pacific Assault and then even worse with MOH:Airborne and now the icing on the cake that is the MOH Reboot – the MOH series is officially DEAD to me. We will just have to wait a little while longer and see what COD:Black Ops will bring to the table.