Well the time is here. The game that so many put their hope in to “kill” COD:MW2 or at least give them something else to play instead of COD:MW2 or just play because they are already sick of the sub-par COD:MW2. Today marks the start of the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 public BETA and if you pre-ordered your game through a number of different websites then you should have been eligible for a public BETA key to play the game. I was a little late on getting up-to-date on all of the BETA info so I actually pre-ordered through GameStop yesterday (yes, the day of the BETA!) but surprisingly I received my BETA key late last night from GameStop and during the wait I manged to find a good torrent link to download the whopping  1.42GB installer so everything was ready for my normal half day of work on Fridays.

I got home just after noon today; grabbed some lunch and by 2:00PM I had BC2 installed and running. Wow. Totally not what I was expecting and going into a Battlefield game trying to play it like a Call of Duty game A) does not work very well, B) is not very fun and C) gets you killed A LOT. I haven’t played a Battlefield game since Battlefield 1942 and that was quite a while ago so as you can imagine I didn’t do very well first time around. Coming out of a few hours of game play tonight I found the game to be pretty decent in terms of actual fluid game play and definitely excellent in terms of graphics (although with the BETA there seems to be some minor performance issues) but it was rough. There were some frustrating times had since I have been playing COD games for nearly 7 years straight and this is a totally different game. I will need some more time and testing but the game really does look promising. Is it enough to pull me away from COD? Well that is yet to be known but I am anxious to get some more game play time in over the next few days.