COD:Black Ops Server Security Patch

Latest note from is that a security patch was applied to all Black Ops servers last night. There isn’t any other information on what the identified security issues are at this point but I will update with any information that I find. Could this be addressing the servers that [...]

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COD:Black Ops Sets Launch Day Record

According to the latest Activision press release Activision estimates COD:Black Ops has outsold last years record setter COD:Modern Warfare 2 in the first day of launch to beat itself and once again become the biggest entertainment launch in history. COD:Modern Warfare 2 estimations in 2009: 4.7 million copies coming it [...]

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MAXRATE Change on Black Ops Servers

Just a few minutes ago a News note was posted on the Members Area of the website stating that a global change to the “MAXRATE” parameter on all of the COD:Black Ops servers was changed to correct some of the lag issues happening in the game right now. You [...]

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Summary of a Black Ops Release Day

Like many others I am sure that even with the limited amount of information that was made available for us die hard PC COD fans the anticipation to get into Black Ops has increased greatly over the last few days. COD:BO was temporarily put in the back of my mind [...]

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Black Ops Zombies CONFIRMED

Shortly after the GKNOVA6 website gave a final clue that Zombies might be in Black Ops with Zombie hordes running a muck all over the screens - Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies are confirmed in both a Tweet from JD_2020, an Activision press release and an Intel posting on! [...]

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GKNOVA6 – Website Update

After months of the GKNOVA6 website ( sitting kind of stagnant with page of a mysterious TV set with the ability to turn some knobs and make out somewhat clear video of different things the page has finally been updated - to what now looks like a series of screens [...]

By |2015-02-25T09:51:29-05:00September 29, 2010|COD:Black Ops|Comments Off on GKNOVA6 – Website Update
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