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  • Post Image Bf1 Launch

    Battlefield 1 Launch Week in Review

    I don’t play many other games outside the COD realm but I do enjoy a little Battlefield sometimes when I am in the mood. Battlefield 1 just launched two weeks ago and since I have some interest in this release of Battlefield I thought it …

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  • Battlefield 3 Post Image

    Battlefield 3: Caspian Border Gameplay

    With a major gaming event titled “GamesCom” going on in Germany this week it is only fitting that some big news would be coming out over the next few days with some of the big titles. Sure enough today DICE released an intense multiplayer gameplay …

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  • MOH BETA Post Image

    Medal of Honor Open BETA

    Yea, this confirms a “not playing” for me. I forced myself to keep playing open BETA (the second BETA open to everyone) last night just thinking that it was new and I had to get used to it – but I can’t. This is my …

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  • BF BC2 BETA Post Image

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Public BETA

    Well the time is here. The game that so many put their hope in to “kill” COD:MW2 or at least give them something else to play instead of COD:MW2 or just play because they are already sick of the sub-par COD:MW2. Today marks the start …

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