With a major gaming event titled “GamesCom” going on in Germany this week it is only fitting that some big news would be coming out over the next few days with some of the big titles. Sure enough today DICE released an intense multiplayer gameplay trailer showing a heavy vehicle based map called “Caspian Border”. The trailer shows a lot of great gameplay with some awesome vehicle action – including the much anticipated jets that the Battlefield community has been raving about – along with some infantry combat here and there. With the video release also comes a confirmation that Battlefield 3 servers will be supporting 64 players in multiplayer. With the looks of the video and the ability to be playing with 64 players; it really does sound like a classic Battlefield game. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t already.


[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8S_eEv_A5k” width=”600″ height=”300″ hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″ showinfo=”0″]


Now sure this is a COD website but I am a PC gamer and if you claim to be a PC gamer and watching that video didn’t get your adrenaline flowing even just a little bit then you really need to hit the power button on the computer and go pick up your console controller. I am no die hard Battlefield player by any means but I did enjoy some time in Battlefield 1942 before getting into Call of Duty. Then a few years later when COD:MW2 was plagued with IWnet I decided not to buy it and spent close to a year playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it proved to be hours and hours of good fun. However, even though Battlefield:BC2 was and still can be fun it doesn’t satisfy my playing style like COD does. Reason being: they are totally different games. Although Battlefield:BC2 was shrunk down and targeted more towards the COD fans and COD playing style – it is still a totally different more objective driven game. I am really sick of seeing the comparing back and forth in these last weeks as the heat picks up between the BF3 and COD:MW3 release. They are different games. Period. One is not better than the other because they are not on the same playing field. Now don’t get me wrong; I would love to see bigger more diverse maps in COD with the option of having vehicles on some maps (much like United Offensive) and I would definitely love to see COD:MW3 on a shiny new awesome looking engine running DirectX 11 and involve some sort of destructibility features but I am not going to say that BF3 is a better game because it has those features. COD is an arcade shooter that is based on fast intense gun to gun battles in a relatively small to medium scale “map”. Battlefield is based on more realism and flat out war on an actual battlefield in a large scale territory. Yes they are both FPS games but other than that they are each in a class of their own. The communities ON BOTH SIDES need to quit the school girl bickering over which game is better and just enjoy the last quarter of 2011 with an awesome bunch of game releases.