I am interested in seeing what the community; more specifically the PC community is thinking in regards to purchasing the First Strike DLC package. Even though nothing has been announced about when exactly the PC community will be getting the First Strike DLC, if it is anything like in the past it should be available to us one month after the XBOX exclusive crap is over with which would put us at March 1st. On top of the release date for it; we still don’t really know for sure if we will be getting charged for the DLC or not. In the previous title COD:World At War; Treyarch found sponsors for the DLC and the PC community got it for free but times were a little different then and the game wasn’t a Steam exclusive game. I’m not a betting man but if I had to bet – I would bet without a doubt that First Strike DLC will cost us.

So the question at hand is do you plan to buy the First Strike DLC at this point? Do you feel that it is worth $15.00? Are you undecided at this point? Are you waiting to see what happens over the next month in terms of further patches, server support and mod & mapping tools support? Let me know!

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This poll will be open from February 1st to March 1st.